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Buccal Testosterone for Men
Men who have been diagnosed to have hypogonadism or low production of testosterone are prescribed to take testosterone supplements. Testosterone supplements are available in different forms such as injection, pills, patch, cream, gel, or tablet. One of the most effective ways to supply the body with testosterone is through buccal testosterone.

A buccal testosterone such as Striant comes in tablet form containing 30 mg of the hormone. Even if it is in tablet form, it should not be swallowed or chewed like other tablet medications. It is applied in the upper gum, just above the left and right incisors. It is usually taken two times a day every 12 hours. It is best to take with cleaned mouth and brushed teeth after eating breakfast and dinner. Once the tablet is placed in the upper gum, it softens and follows the shape of the gum. Then the medication is gradually released into the mouth and absorbed by the body. It is important to note that the buccal testosterone must not dissolve entirely inside the mouth and should be taken away after 12 hours.
It is important to follow all instructions on how to apply and when to take the tablet. Patients who are prescribed to take it should continue until the doctor advises him to lower the dose or stop the medication. If the patient suddenly stops taking the testosterone supplement, symptoms of hypogonadism may recur.
Just like other medications, buccal testosterone may have some side effects. Reported side effects of buccal testosterone include gum irritation, lips inflammation, unfavorable mouth taste, pimples, inability to taste food, headache, and enlarged breasts. Serious reactions that need immediate medical attention include breathing problems, extreme leg pain, vomiting, dizziness, urinating problems, difficulty to talk, abrupt increase in body weight, and prolonged penis erection. When these problems arise, make sure to visit the hospital at once to prevent further harm.